Our businesses must be conducted in compliance with national/international laws and the relevant recommendations of international organizations.


To fully serve our clients, our commitment to business integrity must be formal and fulfilled.


Relecom & Partners ensures that all its employees, partners and advisors, especially those in a position to commit the company to relations with third parties, share and apply the rules guaranteeing ethical compliance at all times. Those include:  

  • Respect of sustainable, trust-based relations and enterprises.

  • Exemplary conduct, which builds internal and external credibility of the company's actions and initiatives.

  • Responsibility toward others and in our jobs. 


Relecom & Partners operates in strict accordance with the law on Transparency, Fight Against Corruption and Modernization of the Economy (the “Sapin II Bill”, Law 2016-1691 of 27 December 2016). To do this, it cooperates with Global Risk Profile Group, a company certified by competent authorities. 


Relecom & Partners' values are shared through its principles which cover individual behaviour; external activities ; confidential information and disclosure practices ; internal fraud and more broadly compliance practices. 


The company's approach focuses on maintaining a legal and ethical environment which encourages all partners to protect these values and report any suspicion of misconduct.


At the same time, it must encourage its partners, clients, and suppliers to maintain and strengthen their own standards.

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