Market studies, Geographic surveys, competitive benchmarking.


Identify opportunities for relevant growth.

Meet local decision-makers and identify their needs for a future growth.

Building the disruptive approach.

Post integration, total support to new entrants.​


Prevent litigation and secure cash-flow.

Identify and support CSR actions​

Identify sources for competitive financing.

Build the appropiate consortium

Identify business partners and potential targets.​


Accompany in negotiations.

Refine market access strategies.

Organize local representation.

Maximize performance.

Trust, Creativity and Efficiency, these values make the difference!

With integrity, trust, passion, loyalty, pride and transparency, we accept only missions we can perform and deliver.

We protect and respect the core values of our clients, implementing only legal practices.

Through creativity, discernment, quality, multiculturality, curiosity and empathy, we mobilize our on-the-ground resources and we share our local knowledge (expectations, needs, practices, cultures).

With resilience, perseverance, adaptability, rigor, excellence and discretion, we deliver missions in challenging environments.

Our high standards of excellence meet our commitments on quality, costs and delays.

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